Expert Committees

DGRI's contacts are scientists and practitioners in the fields of both law and technology. With them, DGRI seeks the exchange of knowledge, experience and opinions. It uses the knowledge gained from this exchange to inform its members and other interested parties, but also to support legislation and jurisprudence as far as this is possible and appropriate.

To this end, DGRI has set up ten specialist committees in which experts and interested parties maintain regular exchanges on individual specialist areas within their remit and prepare and hold both internal and public events.

The expert committees, which are usually chaired by two to three experts, consist of members who are intensively involved in the respective subject matter. Depending on the specific subject matter, additional members may be added who are interested in the subject area of the expert committee in more general terms or from very specific aspects.

The expert committees focus on the following topics:


  • Data protection and data economy: rights to data, "data ownership", access to data (incl. antitrust law), freedom of information law, of course taking into account the European foundations.

  • Digital economy and platform economy: civil law design of digital business models in the B2B and B2C area, in particular design of contracts and terms of use for these business models and the respective digital content.

  • Social media and intermediaries on the Internet: Copyright and media law aspects in connection with platforms on the Internet.

  • Cloud computing, outsourcing, IT projects: Cloud strategies, current issues in IT contract law, implementation and roll-out projects, software development projects.

  • AI, IoT, Blockchain, Legal Tech: The content focus of this newly established expert committee will be developed by the expert committee management together with the members.

  • Software protection: Balancing the protection interests of software manufacturers, distributors and users.

  • Digital compliance: Compliance through digitization (on the one hand, increase in risks, on the other hand, compliance through digital tools); "Compliance by Design"; "Compliance by Default"

  • Telecommunications and IT security: specific rules and regulatory provisions of the telecommunications market including sector-specific data protection law, IT security law, IT security contract law, IT and cyber security in companies and public authorities, critical infrastructures.

  • Arbitration: Supporting and helping to shape the development of DGRI arbitration as an instrument for consensual conflict resolution in the IT sector.

  • Corporate lawyers: Current IT law issues and concrete legal case scenarios that particularly affect corporate lawyers.


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