Expert Committee on Telecommunications and IT Security

Detailed Description

This expert committee is intended to serve as a platform for professional exchange for lawyers, in-house lawyers, representatives of public authorities, and lawyers working scientifically in the field of telecommunications or IT security. The worldwide discussion about IT security, search engines, access and service providers on the Internet shows the political and economic importance of this field.

The expert committee deals comprehensively with the legal aspects surrounding the telecommunications market and IT security. In addition to the constitutional foundations and implications under European law, this includes current developments, for example, in the areas of network neutrality, broadband expansion, smart networks, mobile communications (5G, 6G), security of public networks, data retention and IT security for critical infrastructures (CRITIS), as well as in the area of sector-specific data protection.


  • Dr. Gerd Kiparski, MBA
    Head of Legal
    1&1 Drillisch AG
    Elgendorfer Str. 57
    56410 Montabaur
  • Dr. Sebastian Louven
    Spitzenkamptwete 29
    32756 Detmold
    Tel.: +49 157 71989045
  • Dr. Frederic Ufer
    Leiter Recht & Regulierung
    VATM e.V.
    Frankenwerft 35
    50667 Köln
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