Expert Committee on Conciliation

Detailed Description

At its meetings, the Expert Committee on Concilliation addresses issues relating to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the IT sector, ranging from arbitration and conciliation to mediation. Particularly in IT, such proceedings offer themselves as a faster, more efficient and thus more cost-effective alternative to litigation because of the often technically complex issues involved. Another aspect is the confidentiality possible in such proceedings.

With these goals in mind, DGRI initiated the DGRI IT conciliation procedure as early as 1991 and institutionalized it in the form of the DGRI IT Conciliation Board. The meetings of the expert committee therefore also regularly serve as a forum for the interdisciplinary exchange of experiences of active and interested conciliators and for reporting on the development of the IT conciliation board. This is where computer scientists/IT experts and lawyers specializing in IT law meet.


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